A Trip and A Fall

It has been 2 weeks since I returned home from a trip to NYC and PA.  I've tried to articulate what this trip was like, but its hard to put into words what  time with your creative, inspiring girlfriends is like. Sitting in a cool, old-school hotel lounge having cocktails and spying Armand Assante sitting at the next table.

Going to the same diner every morning for coffee and eggs.

Watching the skaters at Rockefeller Center than perusing the streets for bits of trash that seem interesting.

Kicking aside the trash every trip up and down those 3 flights of stairs to 'our' apartment.

Spending the evening watching Jonatha perform, while looking out on Columbus Circle, with some of your dearest friends.

Giggling into the night.

Being helped up from a pretty scary fall with only a bruised knee and torn jeans.  Then walking into the museum and being handed a bandaid at the exact moment the scrape started to bleed.

Discussing a fun project that could turn into something great and be the exact thing that propels me forward.

Getting a massage from a guy who used to be a welder and changed careers in his 50's (I'm guessing on the age), showing me its never too late to pursue a dream.

Spending time with friends who I don't see often enough and yet it feels like we just saw each other yesterday.

Eating good food, drinking good wine and laughing...alot.

Its sort of like that....