What is Pilates?

Over 100 years ago, Joseph Pilates developed a form of exercise called Contrology, focused  on the mind-body connection. The mind should control thoughtful, careful movements of the body. When you understand how the body works, you can maximize your efforts because this exercise incorporates the concept of strengthening all of your movements as they are connected to one powerful core.

Benefits of Pilates

There are many benefits to Pilates, including but not limited to,  Coordination, Strength, Mobility, Proper posture, Sense of well-being, and Integration of mind, body and spirit.

Where do you begin?

Are you curious about Pilates but don’t know where to begin?  Have you done Pilates in the past and want to restart but not sure how?  Are you looking for some fitness direction? Contact me and I will help get you started on the right path.  Whether it’s getting you into private instruction or helping you navigate class selection, together we will get you moving in the right direction.

 “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”  - Joseph Pilates