Slowing Down

The beginning of May has been a whirlwind of activity.  May 1st was spent running around briefly visiting friends who were in town from PA then off to VA for a family gathering celebrating my Aunts birthday.  May 2nd was spent running down to Greensboro to sell my china then back to Durham for lunch with a friend then running some errands then to the pilates studio, to the new house, then back to the studio for a private and off to the apartment to pack.  May 3rd was spent running to get some work done, back to the new house to finish the paint, to the pilates studio, Lowes, then home to attempt to finish packing.  So far, May has been about frenzied activity.

Today I am choosing to s l o w  d o w n.

Yes, I was up and down all night with thinking about the move and then the wicked thunderstorms and rain kept waking me up.  When I finally decided to quit fighting and just get up, I snuck on to FB and found a podcast by Marianne Williamson.  I listened as I puttered around and it gave me a sense of peace.  I can choose to react however I want.  I can get caught up in the frenzy or enjoy the ride (that was not her message but that is what I chose to take from it at this moment).

Yes, the movers will be here in about an hour but I have packed all I will pack for now.  They will take all the boxes and furniture and clothes in the closets and move them to my new home.  I will come back here later to get Allie and some other stuff I need.  But I don't have to vacate the apartment until May 31st, so why am I in such a rush?  I think it has to do with all of the changes I have been making in my life the past few months.  Maybe if I keep rushing I'll get "there" faster.  When will I learn?  Its one day at a time, every day is part of the journey and the path can veer in different directions.  So slow down and really enjoy each day.  Quit rushing to the next thing.  Let go.

Today I choose to slow down.  What will you choose today?