I am...

It has been almost two weeks since I've returned from Squam by the Sea and I am still basking in the glow of it all.  There has been a change in me, an awakening.  It was there just under the surface before heading to the Outer Banks but it is now in full force since returning.  I almost feel like I'm floating through life.  I was super tired today and even in the tiredness, I felt light.

Other people have seen the change too.  There is a cashier at the grocery store who I always chat with and the first day I headed over there after returning from the beach, he just looked at me and said..."there is something different about you...you have this glow about you.  I'm just going to stand over here and admire from afar."  I was really flattered but I also knew what he was talking about.  I could feel the energy emanating  from me.

I am walking taller and more self assured.

I am listening and hearing.

I am accepting compliments.

I am present in each moment.

I am embracing the light.

I am embracing ME.

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