Be present with your dreams...


...with your passions, with your joy. Spend some time there, and you'll soon realize anything is possible. I know this because I've lived it - from the time I quit my full-time job in order to go backpacking in Europe when I was twenty-two years old to the decision to step away from my family's business in order to pursue my passion for health and well-being as a Pilates instructor to right now.

I didn't decide to become a personal coach as part of a career change or major life transition, but to deepen and broaden my life's work. That my career path ended up guiding me toward this work is no accident; it is not only my Holistic Coaching certification I have to offer, but also more than twenty-five years of experience working with, supporting, coaching, and encouraging individuals along their path to wholeness.

Where are you eager for space, for movement, for expansion?

What are you ready to manifest, build, and create?

It's time to be present with your dreams. It's time to say YES to your life.


Melissa Piccola

After more than twenty-five years supporting and encouraging individuals along their path to wellness and wholeness in a variety of settings, I decided it was time to make it official and become a Certified Holistic Life and Executive Coach.

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WHAT IS Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between you and your coach that is focused on helping you reach your goals. A coach holds their client to be whole, creative and resourceful, capable of handling emotions, making decisions and being productive.

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How to Start

We'll get started with a FREE 15-minute consultation which can be over the phone, FaceTime, or on Skype. We'll map out the terrain you're eager to explore, talk about your goals, get acquainted, and discuss possibilities for our work together. 

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