August Break - Getting Messy and Big Thanks

Today was the last day of the Girls Empowered Art Camp. I wasn't quite sure how things were going to go as this was my first time teaching an art camp.  When the girls came barreling in today (and running over their parents), I knew it was a success.  At the end of class, they were asking when the next camp was going to be and I was thrilled!

I really need to THANK several Amazing Women for their encouragement and support.

  • Patty for the space to have the camp and suggesting it in the first place!
  • Amy for being a sounding board and providing some great ideas.
  • McCabe for all of her inspiration and book journal idea….a huge hit!
  • My BFF for ALWAYS encouraging me (and forcing me to go to SAW).
  • The lovely E who convinced me that Squam Art Workshops was for people like me which is where this whole thing started in the first place.
There are so many more people I probably need to thank but please know that I am so grateful for all of the amazing women in my life!  Girls do need to look out for Girls and I am so lucky you have my back!

Day 31 - the August Break

I took this photo last week at the beach but it is how I am feeling right now.  Not all dark and broody but like a big whirlwind storm is getting ready to roll in.  September is shaping up to be a super busy month.  And even though it is all good stuff, I've been enjoying the relative calm of August.

I'll be back tomorrow with regular posts, goodbye August, but I hope to add new pictures too...just not on a daily basis.  Thank you to Susannah for spearheading the August Break, its been fun!

Day 30 - the August Break

I couldn't figure out what to post a picture of today.  When I got home this little guy was hanging from my ceiling.  Looks can be deceiving, as he was maybe the size of a pencil I couldn't kill him.  He was kind of difficult to photograph since he is so little...amazing what some cropping can do!

Keep on Dancing - Day 28

Today was the big art festival here in Cary, Lazy Daze.  It is typically the hottest day of the summer and everyone comes out.  Parents with kids in strollers, Senior Citizens walking slowly through the crowd, lots and lots of people.  I like to go early before it gets too hot or too crowded.  Well this year it seems everyone had the same idea because it was packed.  We tried to avoid the overcrowded booths and only stopped at places that looked unique.  I had absolutely no plans of buying any art since I don't have much wall space left and I'm trying to cut back on my spending.  Then I came upon the booth of Holly Hambrick, Secret Space Studio, and I just HAD to have the two pieces pictured above.  Luckily for me, she was having a sale to clear out her inventory, so I got the two pieces for the price of one.  What pushed me over the edge to buy these were the stories that went with them.

The first, Pretend, is a picture of one of her aunts when she was younger.  She is now in her 80's and still wears a tiara to church!  The second, Black Sheep, is her Aunt Ruby who would always wear crimson undergarments no matter what outfit she had she was considered somewhat of a Hussy in those days.  I absolutely fell in love with both of these!  Holly was the only artist I spent anytime talking to today and I told her about my red tutu, Squam and this blog.  She was a kindred spirit and had been wondering 'where her people were?' as I was deciding which pieces I wanted.  I was her people.

We chatted for a little while and as I left her booth, she told me to...Keep on Dancing...Keep on Dancing!

Day 26 - the August Break

I woke up in a not-so-great mood this morning and decided to wear my favorite outfit of this summer.  My morning was still a little crappy but having on a fun skirt helped turn the day around.  Its almost as fun as my red tutu...almost!  By the time I was driving to yoga, I was singing and dancing in my car.

Do you have an outfit that can instantly brighten your day?

Day 22-25 the August Break

I spent the last few days on the beach in Florida with various members of my crazy family.  It was a lovely break.  Here a few photos from the trip, trying to catch up on the August Break.

Spending several days on the beach, makes me even more certain that I want to live closer to the ocean.  The sound of the waves and the smell of the sea...I can't think of anything better.

Day 17 - the August Break

I received this lovely surprise in the mail yesterday.  This is a bowl that I created on my last visit to LA with the patient instruction from Linda of Peach Tree Pottery fame.  Since it was 2 months ago that I created this, the size of the bowl has grown (my fish tale) in my mind anyway so I was surprised by the actual size.  But I love it!  And the surprise message inside from the lovely Swirly Girl, well that just made my day.

Day 15 – the August Break

I am a little late with today's post because I knew I wanted to take some photos at the Sheryl Crow & Colbie Caillat concert tonight.  I wish I brought my giant zoom lens but my little Panasonic worked just find.  It was a great concert.  Music is such a big part of my life...not that I play anything (I used to play flute in HS) or sing but I can't imagine life without music.  And I try to see as many concerts as I can.  I had never seen Sheryl Crow and have always loved her music so thanks to Zoe and Bob for letting my tag along tonight!

Oh and the giant LOVE sign...I knew I had to get a picture of that for Jen!  I might need to get one of those for my home...I'm thinking I would put it in the dining room...because we all need a sparkly spinning LOVE!

Day 14 – the August Break

Some days I miss the solitude of the my house in the woods, but not too often.  Usually I miss it when my neighbors slam their doors or kids run up and down the stairs shouting all the way.  Most days I like having people around, even if their noises can annoy me and I'm not social with any of them.  I guess it makes me feel less alone with people near by.

First thing this morning I found a small amount of quiet in my apartment complex.  The sun hadn't made its presence known yet but the clouds were all too happy to keep her at bay for a little while.