How to*

How to Procrastinate

  • Wake up early before the sun rises
  • Make a fresh pot of coffee
  • Warm  milk on the stove
  • Feed cat
  • Froth milk and sugar
  • Pour in coffee
  • Open up laptop
  • Check email, skipping over the ones you don't want to deal with yet
  • Check instagram
  • Play words with friends
  • Check Facebook, comment on posts, update status
  • Make a second cup of coffee, then breakfast
  • Check schedule for the day
  • Read emails that were skipped earlier
  • Shower
  • Check to see if anyone else liked your Instagram or Facebook post
  • Get dressed
  • Play another word
  • Put on makeup
  • Give cat more food
  • Run out the door at the last minute to go teach

*Written in Raw Matters class with Maya Stein at Squam by the Sea last Thursday. Prompt was "how to" or "I know".  Her prompts were great and I will be sharing more writing from her class over time.  It was great fun to write and play with her!

The Crash

The Crash, its inevitable really. Spending a week away by the sea with amazing women, laughing so hard your face hurts,  dancing in the kitchen, relaxing in the sand, soaking in the hot tub staring at the stars, doing yoga, writing, journeying, creating, being completely at peace.

Coming home on a high only to crash and burn a few days later.  I've been doing retreats for several years now and most of the time I come home and can easily get back into the groove (except that first year at Squam, that was a doozy).  This time around, I'm having a bit more difficulty.

I want the face to face connections, the laughter and tears, right here, right now.  I need that community on a more regular basis.  The Facebook chats and text messages, even the phone calls, they just aren't a good substitute for the face to face connection.  I guess there is Skype so we can "see" each other but really how do we get more face time with our friends scattered across the globe?

Can someone please purchase a plane that will be at our beck and call whenever needed?  I think that would really help us out...well unless there's a plot of land somewhere where we could start a commune...that would work too.  Any other suggestions?

By The Sea

I will be sitting on the sand, doing yoga gazing at the sea, working through some writer's block and discovering my animal totems while reconnecting with some lovely souls.  I love any time I can spend by the sea but when I can do so with some of my soul sisters, well that makes it even better.

I'll be at Serendipity for a few days and will share all kinds of goodness when I return.

August Break - Getting Messy and Big Thanks

Today was the last day of the Girls Empowered Art Camp. I wasn't quite sure how things were going to go as this was my first time teaching an art camp.  When the girls came barreling in today (and running over their parents), I knew it was a success.  At the end of class, they were asking when the next camp was going to be and I was thrilled!

I really need to THANK several Amazing Women for their encouragement and support.

  • Patty for the space to have the camp and suggesting it in the first place!
  • Amy for being a sounding board and providing some great ideas.
  • McCabe for all of her inspiration and book journal idea….a huge hit!
  • My BFF for ALWAYS encouraging me (and forcing me to go to SAW).
  • The lovely E who convinced me that Squam Art Workshops was for people like me which is where this whole thing started in the first place.
There are so many more people I probably need to thank but please know that I am so grateful for all of the amazing women in my life!  Girls do need to look out for Girls and I am so lucky you have my back!

Squam Art Workshop Journal

If you've wondered what all the fuss is about Squam Art Workshops, now you can see for yourself in the new journal created by some amazing photographers and artists.

"We understand that not everyone can travel to us, so we are bringing the magic to you!

There is a lovely spirit of connection and collaboration that has emerged from the gatherings at Squam Art Workshops.  However, the journal is not about the workshops themselves.  Rather, it is an exploration of the journeys we take, how we can find friendship in the most unexpected places, and the restorative power of natural beauty-- but above all, it is about what happens when you honor your creativity.

The journal is filled with spectacular imagery from beloved photographers including Denise Andrade, Jen Gray, Susannah Conway, Jeanine Caron, and Béatrice Peltre, among many others. You can look forward to 120 pages of terrific essays and wide ranging conversations about navigating the ups and downs of life with humor, grace, or when all else fails, retail therapy.  There's a pop quiz, a kicky craft project, home tours, and so much more including an actual journal within the book itself.

Our hope for this 8" x 8" volume is that it will easily tuck into your bag and accompany you everywhere... on the subway, in the cab, on the train, in the airport, on holiday, etc.  We hope it fills your day with inspiration, fresh perspective and belly laughs.  We trust you're going to like it very much as we created it just for you."