In Black & White

Its rainy here this morning so its a perfect day to follow Bella's prompt over at 52 Photos Project.  Still in my PJ's, I headed out to my porch and found the bush in my front yard in full bloom.  The color is beautiful but what I like about it in black and white is how the rain drops become the focus, not the flower.  One of my favorite things to try and capture, other than the full moon, is rain.  Its hard to do but again, I love trying.

Hop on over to 52 Photos Project to check out the other awesome photos and join in.

Get In Really Close

Even though I haven't been taking many photos recently I wanted to get back in on the lovely Bella's 52 Photos Project.  I looked through some photos from the past couple of months and found a few where I got really close.  I love playing with the macro function and would really like to get a macro lens but that's just not in the cards right now.

I am hoping that Bella's prompts will get me to pull out my camera more often.  I've missed taking photos.

Twinkling Lights

This week's photo prompt over at 52 Photos Project is Twinkling Lights.

In my last home, I had twinkling lights hung in my bedroom that I could turn on with the push of a button.  In this new home, I put some up on my back deck but never turn them on for some reason.  Well now that the holidays are here, I put up some twinkling icicles on my front porch that are on a timer.  I love when they pop on around 5pm every evening.  I may leave them up for a long time, think the neighbors will mind?!

Look Up

Last week before I headed off to Nags Head, I visited my mom in Virginia Beach.  On Monday, there were fighter jets flying over ALL DAY LONG!  I wasn't sure what was going on but I figure a ship was getting ready to deploy.  It was hard to capture the planes flying by because you don't always hear them until they are right overhead and boy are they LOUD! This photo is for this week's prompt over at 52 Photos Project.  Go check out the photo gallery and submit your own photos too.

A Better Place

This note was left for me, by John, on my refrigerator one morning.  It was great to look up and see this and I thought it should be shared.  Because all of us, each and every one, make this world a better place.  We all have our unique gifts to share! We, collectively, make the world a better place!  And I, for one, am thankful to be in it with YOU!

I am going to link this to 52 photos project because it fits the theme this week.


The latest prompt from the lovely Bella at 52 Photos Project is Circles.  I have so many photos of circles in my archives, the moon, pizzas, baubles, but I decided on this mushroom.  I took this a couple of weeks ago before my yard was taken over by a field of fungi.  I love eating portabellas and shiitakes and button mushrooms but I'm not so fond of them taking over my yard. Please visit the gallery at 52 Photos Project and see everyone else's take on this week's prompt or submit your photo to share!

A Summertime Treat

This weeks prompt over at 52 Photos Project  is to share a Summertime Treat.  I have never been a huge fan of the Peach.  There is something about the fuzzy skin that always turned me off from eating them unless they were sliced and peeled. This summer I have embraced the peach.  There is a produce stand within walking distance of my house and I picked up some peaches along with lots of other fruits and veggies.  I am now a Peach Convert and I can't get enough!

In the Garden*

This weeks prompt from 52 Photos Project invites you to step outside into your backyard, your community gardens, or your city parks to capture a slice of Summer's bounty. When I moved into my new home, there were a bunch of non-flowering bushes, a lovely rose bush but not too many other flowering plants.  These Asiatic Lilies were the exception.

I have many more flowering plants courtesy of my Mom and Paul who spent two days planting flowers while I worked.

Here's a bush that surprised me with some lovely flowers.  Since I am not the garden guru, can someone please tell me what these flowers are?

Join in the fun with Bella over at 52 Photos Project and share the beauty in your garden.

One Word

The prompt this week in the 52 Photos Project is to find one word that describes you.  I had one word picked out and photographed that I was going to share, then I saw this and decided to change.  This word is actually what I'm not but I would really like to be...a bit WILD. I want to let go more and be uninhibited and howl at the moon and not think so much and just go for it!

My word for the prompt is Wild because that's what I'm striving to be.