I've wanted to tell you...

IMG_1239 I've been on an unplanned hiatus but I've wanted to tell you...

That spending a weekend in Myrtle Beach during Bike Week was a ton of fun.  Lots of time on the back of a motorcycle to think and enjoy the views.  Lots of time with new and old friends, lots of people watching and most importantly, quality time with my love*.

That road tripping with my bestie, her hubby, his son and their dog, was AMAZING!  Seeing parts of the country I've never seen before with my best friend is priceless!  Staying in these little towns and meeting interesting people was just awesome.  Like the Harley dude who pulled into a rest stop we were at because he saw me in my cowboy boots, skirt and cowboy hat and had to see what we were doing.  We chatted with him for quite awhile.  Or our waitress who had moved to the little town of Pipestone Minnesota from San Diego because she wanted to experience seasons and she met a trucker who was on the road all the time and offered her a place to stay.  Or our bartender Toni who made a mean dirty martini and owns 14 dogs and is a sled dog racer (is that what they're called?).

That my best friend got to meet my boyfriend in Wisconsin because he flew up to meet us and we all had a great time.  He loved them and they loved him.  Of course it helped that he had already made a good first impression by sending us a bottle of wine when we were in eating at the Peppermill in Valentine, Nebraska.  Yes he is a very thoughtful man.

That fish bowls are pretty fun and the fish really tasty!

That I can't wait for another Road Trip.  This time in an RV for an extended period of time!  I love seeing parts of our country from the road on little two lane highways or dirt roads (yes there were a couple of dirt roads) and meeting new people and hearing their stories.

And most of all I've wanted to tell you that life is good...really, really good!

*yes you read that right...he calls himself bachelor #6...I don't think I will ever live that down!