I'm Learning

sunset I'm learning that...

Letting go of expectations may be the most freeing thing ever!

I can say Thank You when someone pays me a compliment.  Not Thank you, but...just Thank You.

Letting go of old patterns doesn't always happen overnight.

I can ask the Universe for something that I want, and I'll get it.  Just be careful what you wish for...

Even though I may no longer be in contact with someone, I can still have an impact on them.

I'm kind of having fun with this online dating.  I'm having interesting conversations and meeting some nice people.  I don't respond to all the e-mails, especially ones like this..."Hi. I am Peter new at this site here you? You are pretty hot. Wanna chat?" especially when he sent the same message when I first joined the site about a month ago.

Every day, I'm learning something new.