Personal Space

photo-2 She fell into my lap putting her luggage in the overhead, then turned with a startled look, "I'm so sorry, I didn't even see you there"

He spilled his glass of Sprite with ice on the tray table in front of him, some of the ice landing in my seat.  He apologized profusely while wiping away the cubes.

She kept leaning into me like I was the back of her chair, pulling away then doing it again.

All the while, little Jack, kept screaming across the kept walking him up and down trying to calm him, but for over four hours it was almost impossible.  Until of course, the plane starts descending into Atlanta...then he was silent.

Stuck in a little 2x2 seat with barely any leg room for hours on end.  Trying to maintain my personal space while sharing it with 150 other people.  Forced to sit still for hours on end.

I do this because its the quickest and easiest way to spend time with friends who are spread out across the country.  It is so worth those hours in flight or in the airport to share time with dear friends, to laugh until my stomach hurts, to dance until my legs tire, to talk into the night, to wake up a wee bit hung over because my bestie kept feeding me beer.  I do this because, to me, it is so very important to have these real connections and to spend as much time as possible with these friends and because I love them all so dearly.  And I would do it again tomorrow if I could.