Some people think of September 1st as the start of Fall but here in the south we were still in the 90's part of the month.  Today, however, on October 1st, its cool and rainy and all I want to do is cuddle up under warm blankets, drink hot tea and read...that is Fall to me.  Instead I am waiting for my landlord and roofer to get here as I have a leak in my bedroom.  I am drinking a hot cup of tea and thinking about beginnings.

October 1st, the beginning of a new month, a month where the weather turns cooler and I tend to start my hibernation.  I am also beginning a couple of e-courses.  One is Spirits of Joy and the other is the Jumpstart Creativity Tour online course.  Add these to the 2 other e-courses that I'm way behind on and I've got a lot of creative projects to get started.  I used to get down on myself if I didn't keep up with the courses I was in and then I'd just give up on them because I was so far behind.

Today, I am committing to begin each morning with one or more of the courses, reading the posts and watching the videos.  Then when I have time throughout my day, I will pick up a brush and paint or a pen and write or sit in meditation...following whatever is that day's prompt(s).   And if I happen to fall behind, I will begin again tomorrow.

This holds true for so many things in life, in any given moment or on any given day, we can choose to begin again.