Standing Out

Do you ever feel when you are in certain groups of people that they don't really see you?  They see the you they 'think' you are or the one they think you should be.  Do you feel like you stand out in a crowd, you're different in some way from everyone else...either your ideals, dreams, beliefs?  Do you feel like you want to stand in the corner and be quiet because they will make fun of you for these beliefs?

Then one day you say to hell with the fear and speak your truth and realize that everyone is going to think whatever they want and you have no control over that.  And then you keep speaking your truth and living the life you want to live and stop trying to live up to the supposed ideals of someone else (that are really all in your head anyway).  Then you realize that you'd rather stand out then just follow the crowd.

And then, then you find out that the people you thought would ridicule you really do SEE YOU and are proud of you for standing out and being your true self.