You Know That Moment...

You know that moment....

When you're walking down the hall at work preoccupied by things at home and you run into someone who has been where you are, you talk about your options and a lifelong friendship is formed right there.

When you receive one of those chain emails and forward it to your best friend, who you haven't spoken to in about 2 years, and just like that you pick up right where you left off.

When you move to a new town, go to a fair with your family, meet this woman with such amazing energy and without knowing it, your life starts down a new path.

When you go to an art retreat in the New Hampshire woods, meet a woman from Boulder, you bond over similar tragedies in life and another lifelong friendship is formed.

When you step out of your comfort zone and reach out to someone who totally intimidates you because they are so enlightened yet once you meet, you know they are going to have a profound effect on your life. know...THAT moment!