Pursuit of Healthfulness - New Discoveries

I've been focusing on the things I've had to give up while doing this Cleanse as well as on my pursuit.  This week, instead of focusing on those foods that I've been avoiding, I'm going to focus on new discoveries.

I forgot how much I like bok choy, stir fried with some broccoli and shrimp served over brown rice...yummy!

I don't like broccoli cooked as much as I like it raw.

I can't believe that I never had celery with peanut butter as a snack.  Well maybe its because I don't like peanut butter BUT celery with Almond butter (yes, I know I'm weird) is one of my new favorite snacks.

I really enjoy cooking and this cleanse is making me cook more often and get creative.  Still working on the creativity though :)

I am adding Cayenne Pepper to almost everything.  That little zing makes everything taste better.

In Trader Joe's the other day the cashier was talking about using avocado in lieu of mayonnaise when making tuna.  I stopped using mayo over a year ago so I thought I'd give it a try.  It was good but still needed a little something...so I added some cayenne pepper!

Medjool Dates are the BEST THING EVER!  How I never tried these before I don't know but now I am in love!  Watch out avocados you have a new rival!

So those are some new discoveries this week.  What about you?  Anything new you want to share, any new recipes or ideas?

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