Pursuit of Healthfulness - Week 5

Its a new year and I see all kinds of people making resolutions to get healthy, eat better, lose weight.  At the Pilates studio, we are starting to see some new faces, people looking to turn over a new leaf.  My cousins are starting a Biggest Loser contest amongst the family.  Everyone on a pursuit to get healthy.

Karen over at Journey Back to Self and I started this pursuit to encourage each other but hope we can do that for you too.

The holidays were a bit of a challenge to eat healthy.  I did give in to temptation a time or two...hello cheesecake.  But I did learn a few things that I want to share.

  • it wasn't nearly as hard as I thought to not eat every single cookie that was put out.  one or two and I was good
  • taking just a little bit of all the food that was put out was satisfying
  • when eating out, I'm still learning what to eat.  I went to PF Changs and had some rice noodles with chicken and shrimp, I was so bloated afterward and the next day felt like I had a hangover without the booze...crazy!
  • I am still learning what my trigger foods are, what makes me bloat up, what makes me dehydrated, etc.  Its a process and it takes time...learning patience.

The weight loss as remained pretty constant, around 8 pounds total to date, although I am feeling better physically so I'm not as concerned that the pounds aren't melting away.

How about you?  Any revelations over the holidays?  Anything new you have learned on your pursuit?

Please feel free to link here.  And don't forget to go visit Karen to check out what she has to say this week.