Weighty Issues

Its a bit difficult to post this picture above as it was taken 6 years ago at almost my heaviest weight (yes I was actually a little heavier than this).  I have always struggled with my weight which is why it was such a huge accomplishment to complete my Pilates training.

Today I had my annual physical and I have gained about 13 pounds over the last year and my cholesterol was a bit above normal.  I am not near my heaviest weight (or my highest cholesterol number), but still I need to lose the weight.  I've already got the exercise part pretty much down, the eating part is where I need to focus.  Working out and eating properly are the only way I will lose weight.

As soon as the doctor sat down with me today I knew what she was going to say.  She didn't even have to say it, just gave me that look and said you know what you need to do.  I know exactly what I need to do, stop eating out so much and watch the bread and sugar.  Its easy in theory but man I love food so its difficult in practice.

At this point in my life, its not about fitting into a certain size, its about being healthy.  High blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes all run in my family so I know I need to be careful.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to post about my weight issues and that picture, oh my.  In posting about it, I'm opening myself up to criticism and judgements BUT by putting it out there I must now hold myself accountable to get back to a more healthy weight and lower my cholesterol.

I'm going to start a "detox" tomorrow and not one of those lemon water/starvation ones, I can eat real food but cut out bread, sugar, coffee, alcohol and red meat for a week.  Its a doable plan for me and I know if will kick start me to eating better.

I will be updating periodically here on my progress.  Not sure I'll be posting pounds lost on a regular basis but we'll see how the updates pan out.  And if anyone else out there needs a little nudge or support to get healthier, we can start our own little support group.