Calm Amidst the Chaos

There is chaos all around the world, with some friends and family.  There is panic in the air.  While I don't watch the news, I can feel it all around and can see the fear in people.  And yet, I feel a certain calmness, a peace inside that all will be ok.

I have realized that my role during all of this uncertainty and flux is to be the port in the storm for my friends and family.  To be the one who remains calm amidst the chaos.  To offer support and care, knowing I can't 'fix' anything but can hold them up when they need a break.  To come to this space and offer support to all of you.  To let you know that while it may seem that things will never get  better, they will.  We all have peaks and valleys in our lives,  and when we're in the dark times we think we'll never get back to the light, but we time.  I can't promise that things will get better tomorrow, but they will get better.  Hang in there.  If you need a port in the storm, know I am here.