Patience and Letting Go

These past two weeks have brought some lessons that I seem to need to be reminded of over and over again because obviously I'm just not getting it!

First, the break-up, which I know deep down was right for me but it was still painful.

Then the very next morning, the discovery of fleas, which by itself would have freaked me out, but on top of the break-up sent me a little bit over the edge.  Then finding out that I had to take Allie and disappear for 4 hours while they fumigated the house and having no idea where to go, well I lost it.  Its easy to take a dog out for 4 hours but a cat...geez.

Once I got through those 2 1/2 days, I thought great the bugs will be gone and we can move on.  Not so fast, now in addition to the fleas, there were roaches and crickets and ants and any other number of bugs coming, literally, out of the woodwork.

At first I freaked out a little but I called the exterminator and they said you need to give it at least 2 weeks for everything to work its way out.

It has now been exactly 2 weeks and I am vacuuming regularly and combing Allie several times a day and still find a few fleas, although they do seem to be a bit more sluggish and easy to drown.  I feel terrible for her as I know they are annoying little critters but I'm not sure what more I can do at this point.  I can't treat her again for another week or two (and I really don't want to use any more of that Frontline stuff) so combing and vacuuming are my solution for now.

These little pests are teaching me a lesson in patience.  I wanted those suckers gone immediately but it doesn't quite work that way.  I need to have patience and they will go in time.

They are teaching me a lesson in letting go of control.  There are bugs and they will get into the house and I can clean and vacuum and spray and comb Allie and drive myself crazy trying to keep them out but guess what?  they were probably here way before we were and they'll be here for a long time to come.  Of course this is not a lesson that I have gotten completely...its a tough one to learn.  But, these bugs have given me a little reminder that sometimes I just need to let go and let nature take its course.  Oh I will still vacuum regularly and treat the house with some natural remedies and comb Allie until I see no more fleas but I know they can come back.

There are still so many other things that I need to let go of and I'm working on flea at a time.