Reclaiming my Birthday

22 years ago, my brother John died a week before my 22nd birthday (I don't say that to garner sympathy, its just a fact).  I barely remember that birthday.  I seem to remember a small cake down at the beach but that's about it.  A few years later I was given a surprise party for my 25th then again for my 30th.  My birthday tends to fall around Memorial Day so I've spent many years at the beach sharing with the holiday.  On my 40th, I had to share a party with my brother and sister as they graduated from high school and middle school respectively.  I was happy to be part of the festivities but hey I was turning 40!  Then last year, well last year was spent in the ICU waiting room.  I enjoyed a lovely lunch with my stepmom and two brothers for which I am grateful but we still had a shadow hanging over us.

So this year, 22 years after the worst birthday EVER, I am hijacking a day in the middle of my sister's graduation weekend (thanks Sis!) and throwing myself a little party.

44 feels like its going to be a memorable year for me so why not kick it off with a little soiree...and I do mean little so sorry if you weren't invited.  Although party crashers are always welcome!

Yes this post is a little self-serving but blogs are allowed to be, right?!?

And Happy Birthday to all my Gemini friends....Jenica, Phil, Trish, Beth, Ka-Le (although you're on the cusp)....and to anyone else I forgot.  Hope this year is a memorable one for you too!