Definition:  not in perfect balance; a bit askew

I've been feeling a bit off balance the past few days.  I can't put my finger on why.

Things are good.  I'm getting settled in my new home and have turned in the keys to the old one.  I leave the house in workout clothes every day.  I'm picking up more private clients at the pilates studio.  I've been asked to coordinate an art workshop for girls.  I have all kinds of flexibility with work.  What could be wrong?

Maybe its that I may have a mouse in the house and while one mouse I can live with...a family of them...not so much.

Maybe its that I am busier now than I was while working full time and the month of May has really flown by.

Maybe its that I did yardwork on Saturday and am feeling sore in places I haven't in ages.

Maybe its that while I know the light overpowers the dark, I need to be ok with a little dark once in awhile.

Maybe its that May is always a tough month.

Maybe its that my birthday is coming up and I'm turning 44...nah, I like birthdays and I don't feel my age...can't be that!

Whatever "IT" is, I need to be OK with not being ok all the time.  This too shall pass, I need to let go of trying to fix it.