I am still without internet access at home so I have to sneak on here and there.  The house is coming together although I haven't done much since Mom & Paul left on Monday.  Things will get done in due time.  This week has involved alot of running around.  Actually so far the month of May has felt like a race, although I'm not sure where I think I need to get so fast.  I'm trying to slow down and catch myself when I get too caught up in the crazy.

I love my little cottage.  All of the floors are slanted and creak even when Allie walks on them.  The old fireplaces, even though they don't work, need to be cleaned out before I can open them up...or I will find little soot prints everywhere.  Still a few boxes to unpack and stuff to put away, although I have no idea where.

There are lots of stories living in this little charming cottage, I really wish the walls could talk.  Everyone comments on the good energy.  I am so grateful to have found this place I now call home.  Thank you Susie for telling me about it.

If you need a little get-away, come visit, everyone is welcome here.

**I hope to be back with more regular posts as soon as internet is up and running at home.  I must say I have enjoyed the time with limited technology though.**