New House and a Giveaway

Last week was a bit crazy in my neighborhood.  There was a hostage situation and a guy was shot at the bank right near my apartment.  I had been looking for a new house but not really pushing it.  I figured if I put it out there and did a little looking I would find it.  But the day after all of the craziness happened, I called my girlfriend who is also my realtor and told her I need a new home soon!  I made the call from the airport as I was waiting for my flight to NYC where I was off to run with the gazelles.

On Sunday, as I was heading to brunch with the lovely gazelles, I got a text message with photos of a house that just came on the market.  It didn't have a big front porch but it did have a huge detached garage and big hardwood trees in the front and 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a big kitchen and family room and a fireplace.  So she scheduled a showing for Monday.  I knew it was the house that was meant for me, when I walked into the big detached garage (it has 2) and saw my new studio space.  Its the space I envisioned with hardwood floors and a wood stove.  Well it doesn't have those yet but its a wide open space and when I'm done, it will.

I have a lot of work to do to get the house where I want it, but I love a project and it will be fun making it mine.  Of course it helps that I'm in the building business so I already have all the subcontractors on speed dial.  And friends have already volunteered to come help.  So if anyone wants to come visit during April & May, you'll be put to work...just sayin'!

Now to the giveaway.  This is my 101st blog post, so I'm doing a giveaway.  Its going to be a smorgasbord of stuff...all fun of course...and a surprise.  Just leave a comment with one thing I should definitely consider when designing my studio space.