New Home Please

Dear Universe,

I would like a new home.  One with a big front porch, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and lots of light.  I'd like a room where I can create.  I'd like it to be warm and cozy and  filled with lots of love (well I guess that one is up to me).  I'd like hardwood floors and granite countertops but those aren't deal breakers as I can always add them.  I would like a fireplace, gas or wood, but not electric ~ what's the point?  I don't mind if it needs to be updated, if the price is right.

Hmmmm, I'd also like a garage and a nice backyard.  Oh and if it could be in walking distance of a nice downtown area (Apex or Cary) that would be an added bonus.

I know this may be alot to ask but I've found that if you don't ask, you definitely don't get.  And last but not least, I need to find it before the end of March (and be able to move in to it by end of May) so I can give notice on my apartment.

Thank you so much for your assistance.  I look forward to finding this home very soon!

Yours truly,

Melissa P