I used to have to set goals in my previous job (which I always put off) but I've never been fond of setting them in my personal life.  For some reason, this year I want to write down my 'goals' for the year.  So I looked up 'goals' and the synonyms in the dictionary, I choose to call them Aspirations instead.  Goals sound so corporate to me.  Aspirations sound more dreamy and artsy.

My Aspirations for 2011

  • buy a house
  • finish my pilates training (600 hours is alot)
  • buy a Canned Ham
  • create something, anything, every week (every day is just too ambitious for me)
  • write the book on sibling grief (this one is going to be hard)
  • try, try, try to stay present (this one may be harder than the book)
  • read all the books on my nightstand (The Artist's Way, life is a verb, The Shadow Effect, Anam Cara, To Bless the Space Between Us, and Women Who Run with the Wolves) a bit of light reading don't ya think?
  • send more snail mail
  • spend more time by the Sea

This is not a 'must do' list, so I'm sure it will evolve over the year, some things getting done, others being pushed back or changed, new things added and some of them removed.  An ever evolving list of aspirations.

If you have a list of aspirations, goals, dreams....whatever you choose to call them....please feel free to share them here.


Since everyone is questioning canned is a canned ham...