A Love Letter



Dear Avocado,

I must confess my love for you.  I know I've toyed with you in the past but now I must make a true confession...you are the love of my life.  If I was only allowed to eat one thing all the time, it would be you.  You're shiny green outside and yummy creamy green inside, how can a girl resist you.  I can slice you up on a sandwich, or chop you up in an omelet or just sprinkle a little salt and eat you by yourself.  Of course my favorite thing to make with you as the star is guacamole.  If I had time, I would make it every day but instead I settle for once every few weeks.

I think I love you so because you are a fruit and not a vegetable even though you have to hang out in the vegetable bins.  Fruit is just so much more fun, even if it is good for you, than vegetables.  I mean even saying fruit sounds better.

My day is always better with you in it and if I go a day without a little avocado, well I feel a little sad.

So here's to you avocado, with all my love,

Melissa Tutu