I've been trying to write this post for several days now.  How do I sum up why Squam Art Workshops is so magical and why I have gone the last 3 years?  Ok the first year I went because I was 'pressured' to go but soon fell in love and couldn't wait to go the next year.  Thank you Christine!

So what is it about SAW that keeps drawing me, and so many others, back every year?

  • The cabins in the woods by the lake with only a wood fireplace to heat them on really cold nights.
  • The long dirt roads that you need a flashlight to navigate at night, unless there is a bright moon to guide you, and where I've never felt safer.
  • The homemade waffles for breakfast, and all the other amazing food that the RDC staff makes for breakfast, lunch and dinner too.
  • The open arms that greet you at every turn, from old and new friends.
  • Elizabeth who brought all of this together and keeps making it better and better, and who takes the time to talk to everyone even when you know she's got a million things to do.
  • The teachers, oh the amazing teachers, who are so encouraging and bring out the best in you, whether its painting or writing or making a ukulele...and learning to play a few notes.
  • Playing a song on a ukulele that you learned earlier in the day, that night at Coffeehouse, and getting a big round of applause.
  • The cabin dance parties (oh maybe that was just our cabin).
  • The heartfelt talks with your cabinmates...and the goofy ones too.
  • The laughter, oh the laughter, and the tears too.
  • Vendor Night...handmade goods and free beer...I mean what's not to love!
  • Shopping at Wholly Tara (oh that may be just me).

All of these things keep me coming back year after year.  But the thing that makes SAW Magical (at least for me)...I feel seen there.  Seen for who I really am and not what others think I am or should be...but really ME.  And often they see me before I'm able or willing takes me a little longer to embrace it all...but I'm finally there.

This is why I look forward to SAW every September...and why this year I am excited that I get to experience it all again by the Sea in October.  No matter what Elizabeth says, I do think there are unicorns in those woods in New Hampshire...and I believe there will be mermaids by the sea.