Living in La-La Land

I have been told several times that I live in La-La Land.  Maybe I do but I like it here.

Its a land where...

  • Everyone is treated equally and not discriminated against because of religion, race, gender, age, education...
  • Our differences are celebrated, not ridiculed
  • Women support each other and hold each other up, we don't tear each other down
  • We embrace our bodies, our curves, our straight lines, all of it...instead of feeling shame
  • People are not judged for their appearance but for their character
  • Everyone is able to pursue a career, job, calling, whatever that they want to do not whatever they are 'supposed' to do
  • Fear is no longer an option
  • Peace wins out over war
  • The news media covers the good stuff too
  • People on reality shows are no longer considered 'celebrities'
  • Heroes are not sports figures or actors, but people who are doing good things for others, not to get famous, but to help others
  • Kindness is the norm
  • We really don't care what other people think of us
  • Hate is no longer in the dictionary

Yes, I kind of like it here in La-La Land.  You are welcome to join me!

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