Keep on Dancing - Day 28

Today was the big art festival here in Cary, Lazy Daze.  It is typically the hottest day of the summer and everyone comes out.  Parents with kids in strollers, Senior Citizens walking slowly through the crowd, lots and lots of people.  I like to go early before it gets too hot or too crowded.  Well this year it seems everyone had the same idea because it was packed.  We tried to avoid the overcrowded booths and only stopped at places that looked unique.  I had absolutely no plans of buying any art since I don't have much wall space left and I'm trying to cut back on my spending.  Then I came upon the booth of Holly Hambrick, Secret Space Studio, and I just HAD to have the two pieces pictured above.  Luckily for me, she was having a sale to clear out her inventory, so I got the two pieces for the price of one.  What pushed me over the edge to buy these were the stories that went with them.

The first, Pretend, is a picture of one of her aunts when she was younger.  She is now in her 80's and still wears a tiara to church!  The second, Black Sheep, is her Aunt Ruby who would always wear crimson undergarments no matter what outfit she had she was considered somewhat of a Hussy in those days.  I absolutely fell in love with both of these!  Holly was the only artist I spent anytime talking to today and I told her about my red tutu, Squam and this blog.  She was a kindred spirit and had been wondering 'where her people were?' as I was deciding which pieces I wanted.  I was her people.

We chatted for a little while and as I left her booth, she told me to...Keep on Dancing...Keep on Dancing!