Melissa is...

In the process of cleaning out papers and shredding stuff I no longer need, I found some papers from my last job.  There were stock option letters and performance reviews but the one I found most interesting was an assessment that was done in October, 2003.  I honestly do not remember doing this but I have to say that the summary is quite interesting. It is one time when I'm glad I saved something that I normally would have tossed.

Melissa's task preferences are (in order of preference):  doing something that helps others or society, teaching, building or making something, doing something artistic, fixing or repairing something, and working with her hands.  She prefers to avoid the following tasks (listed according to greatest dislike first): driving a vehicle, working with computers, doing tasks that need to be done precisely, doing tasks that need to be done systematically, working with numbers and doing clerical work.  She would be interested in work that involves travel, and writing/language.  Melissa lacks interest in animals (not true), health/medicine, and electronics.  She needs a work environment that involves lots of activity and sounds, and the opportunity to occasionally get up and move around.

Melissa is quite able to deal with stress when it occurs.  She is extremely helpful and conscious of others' needs.  This is reasonably balanced and will help her have positive interactions with others.  She is quite self-accepting.  Melissa enjoys trying to influence others.  She is very empathetic and warm.  Her warm-heartedness will enable her to influence others more successfully.  There are some interpersonal areas in which she could improve.  She may often have difficulty being frank or direct.  She may tend to be a little self-sacrificing at times.

Melissa is highly motivated by a chance to have decision-making authority, an opportunity to do something worthwhile for society, receiving recognition, and an opportunity to be in a leadership position.  She is demotivated by goals unrelated to her own.

Melissa is comfortable in a decision-making role.  She has a good balance between accepting responsibility for decisions and collaborating with others.  She is somewhat conservative with regard to taking risks.  When making decisions, Melissa is willing to try a new approach to a situation. She does not have much interest in planning. She is very interested in being in a leadership position.

How many signs from the universe do I need I wonder?