Thursday morning, we looked out the office window to see this momma turtle laying her eggs right outside our door.  Of course I had to run get my camera so I could snap some photos.  As soon as I walked outside to get closer, she just stopped.  So I took a few pictures and left her alone.  Periodically I'd look back outside to see if she was still there.  Her legs would be moving and I realized she was slowly covering up the eggs.  I never actually saw the eggs but could see that's what she was doing.  After watching for a little while and taking a few more pictures, I walked back up stairs and said to Zoe, "I find that so fascinating".  She said "what, life?".  YES!  I find life totally fascinating and inspiring and amazing.

I try to take the time to stop and watch...and of course take pictures.  Although sometimes, the camera can get in the way.  Last weekend as we're in the pool, a butterfly landed right on my cousin's bathing suit.  It was just the coolest thing.  I wish I had my camera but we were in the pool and besides, the moment may have been lost if I focused on the photo instead of just watching.

There is so much beauty if we just take the time to stop and watch.  And yes take photos too so we can capture those moments.  Although sometimes, what you see with your eyes doesn't always translate in the photos...well at least not in my photos.

When I went back down to check on momma turtle, she was long gone.  I couldn't find her anywhere.  I thought turtles were slow, I guess not!  This is the spot where the eggs are buried.  I'm not sure how long it takes turtle eggs to hatch but I'll be excited to see that new life emerging.  I just need to take the time to stop and watch.